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Lewis and Clark Music Songs And Instruments:
some song names were Alouette, Blue Bells Of Scotland, Green Sleeves, and lastly Yankee Doodle.
Thomas Jefferson was a very good violin player.
Some instruments were the Violin, Fiddle, Tambereen, the Jaw Harp, bones, spoons, guitar, banjo,bass, mandelin, harmonica, washboard, dobro
The Lewis and Clark expedition defanately sung many songs, played a lot of music, and danced a lot. Some of the songs that they sang and played were Alouette, Blue Bells of Scotland, Green Sleeves, and Yankee Doodle. - detailed timeline - timeline of Lewis' and Clark's lives - map of trail - more music

LEWIS AND CLARK MUSIC, SONGS, AND INSTRUMENTS by: Mitchell Zabka, Chris Orlow, Scott Cabrera, and Blake Spitz

On the Lewis and Clark expedition, so much of the entertainment was made up of their music, songs, instruments, and dances. They didn't just travel bored and without anything to do other than discover more. They had many songs to play with many different instruments. Not only that but they had many dances to go with their songs too. Music in general was a big part of their expedition.

The Lewis and Clark expedition definitely had many songs, lots of music, and had dancing too. Some of the songs that they sang and played were Alouette, Blue Bells Of Scotland, Green Sleeves, and Yankee Doodle. Lewis and Clark had different songs for different holidays. On christmas they played The First Noel, Joy To The World, O Come All Ye Faithful, Saint Davids Tomb, and Hark The Harold Angels Sing. Some spiritual songs they played were Wondrous Love, Amazing Grace, and All Hail The Power Of Jesus' Name. This is just a handful of the songs they sang and played.

During the expedition, their were many weird instruments they played, and some became the instruments we play now. Some of the oddest instruments they played were the spoons, and bones. The bones were usually large rib bones or lower leg bones. The spoons external image moz-screenshot.jpgare played by clapping them together. Another instrument was the sounded horn which was used as a noisemaker to mark holidays and to signal from a boat. A couple of the most common instruments were the harmonica, violin, and voice. Voice was probably the most commonly heard instrument on the expedition.
A very important person on the expedition was a fiddle player named Pierre Cruzatte. All the corps were very appreciative of Cruzattes fantastic fiddling. Not only that but Lewis and Clark placed their greatest confidence in Pierre. Pierre Cruzatte was liked by everybody on the expedition because they loved it when he played his fiddle. Every other time Cruzatte was listed in there journals, it was hardly ever about playing his fiddle or about his music. The men were so fond of dancing to Cruzatte's tunes that if his fiddle got damaged in any way by accident it would have been a sudden misfortune.

Lewis and Clark probably couldnt have been able to go without music and all that extra stuff on their journey. Dancing and playing music helped them to have fun while they were on there journey. They were very greatful that everyone on there expedition made an impact on how exciting their expedition was.