Twenty-First Century Expedition Equipment
Members: Joey, Lauren, Riley ,Audrey

Some useful tools to bring on a modern day adventure following Louis and Clark would be a all terain vehicle, in this case, a Jeep. Another usueful item to bring on a modern day adventure would be a Zodiac Boat, for riding rapids. You may also need a lighter to start a fire to keep warm.

Jeep Wrangler
Jeep Wrangler
Zodiac boat
Zodiac boat
external image white_lighter_with_flame1.jpg

Packing List:
  • Transportation
    • Jeep
    • Zodiac boat
    • Gasoline (at least 200 gallons)
You need transportation because obviously to get around the United States. A jeep is great for transportation because it can go all turain. A Zodiac boat is also good for transportation because its has just enough room for a couple people and it goes fast.
  • Clothing
    • Hiking boots
    • Gym shoes
    • Long socks
    • A big puffy hard core winter jacket
    • Hat
    • Gloves
    • Northface Jackets
    • Polar flece socks
    • Long underware/underarmor
    • Shorts
    • Swim suit
    • Raincoat
  • Crew
    • Expert on wildlife
    • Survival guide
    • Doctor
    • Louis and Clark enthusiasts
    • Gunmen
  • Tools
    • Knife set
    • Shotgun
    • Shotgun Shells
    • Water bottles
    • Weber grill
    • Sundail/watch
    • Whistle
    • Compass
    • Rifle
    • Rifle Bullets

  • Leisure
    • ipod
    • GPS
    • laptop
    • Notebook (diary)
    • Pens
  • Medicine
    • Motrin
    • band aids
    • neosporin
    • instant ice pack
    • icy hot patch
    • ibuprophen
    • guaze pads