A Modern Day Expedition

What if Lewis and Clark were planning their expedition today, in the twenty-first century, instead of in the 1800's? What modern-day supplies would they pack?

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Obviously, if Lewis and Clark left for their expedition today, they wouldn't use horses and canoes to get around. They would probably swap canoes for scout boats, which can carry half a ton of equipment and travel at forty-five mph, house boats, which can hold the entire crew, inflatable kayaks, which are easily transportable, and speed boats. They would use heavy-duty pick-up trucks to tow the boats, ATVs, which are good for off-road travel, and a slide out camper.

camping supplies

camping_picture.jpgNow, we have better camping supplies that would have made Lewis and Clark's journey much easier. They could have brought sleeping bags, tents, air mattresses, and pillows to sleep. They also could have brought lanturns, foldable chairs and tables and a flashlight. Insect repellent and sunscreen would also have made Lewis, Clark and the Corps of Discovery more comfortable.

outdoor clothing

external image article-846.gifPlenty of modern-day clothing would be perfect for the Lewis and Clark expedition because it is designed for camping. If Lewis and Clark went on their expedition today, they would be wearing polo shirts, ski jackets, foul weather gear, polar fleece hat, polarized sunglasses, gloves or mittens, warm jackets and long underwear. It would also be smart to pack khaki shorts, wool caps, wide-brimmed hats, rain gear, long and short sleeved shirts, shorts or swimsuits, raincoats, chest waders and extra shoes.


Lewis and Clark would plan on bringing some other supplies for a modern-day expedition, like gasoline for all of the vehicles, towels, a camera to record their journy, binoculars, duffle bags to hold their supplies, fishing and hunting gear for food, rock climbing gear and water bottles for fresh, clean water.


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