Items And Equipment That Lewis And Clark Used On Their Expedition

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Our group is doing a wiki on the journey of Lewis and Clark. In our wiki you will learn about all the items and equipment Lewis and Clark brought on their journey. We have prepared pictures and sounds about all the things that they used on their journey. This wiki demonstrates how and why they expedition needed all of the supplies that they brought. They may have had a heavy load on their
backs, but they needed everything that they brought.
Camp supplies
Medical supplies
Arms and Ammunition
150 yards of cloth to be oiled and
sewn into tents and sheets
chisels30 steels for striking to make fire
iron corn millaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.jpg
two dozen tablespoons
mosquito curtains
10 1/2 pounds of fishing hooks and fishing lines
12 pounds of soap
193 pounds of "portable soup
(a thick paste concocted by
boiling down beef, eggs and vegetables)
three bushels of salt
writing paper, ink
This is an Octant
50 dozen Dr. Rush’s patented "Rush’s pills"
1,300 doses of physic

1,100 hundred doses of emetic

3,500 doses of diaphoretic (sweat inducer)

other drugs for blistering, salivation and increased kidney output

Books They Brought

Barton’s Elements of Botany
Antoine Simon Le Page du Pratz’s History of Louisiana
Richard Kirwan’s Elements of Mineralogy
A Practical Introduction to Spherics and Nautical Astronomy
The Nautical Almanac and Astronomical Ephemeris
a four-volume dictionary
a two-volume edition of Linnaeus (the founder of the Latin classification of plants)
tables for finding longitude and latitude
map of the Great Bend of the Missouri River
15 prototype Model 1803 muzzle-loading .54 caliber rifles
500 rifle flintsrifle_flint.jpg
420 pounds of sheet lead for bullets
176 pounds of gunpowder packed in 52 lead canisters
1 long-barreled rifle that fired its bullet with compressed air, rather than by
flint, spark and powder

A rifle that they brought along with them on their journey

rifle they brought

On the Corps of Discovery, Lewis and Clark brough many tools, weopons, medicine and materials with them to ensure their survival and success on the mission. They had heavy loads on their backs while mapping out our great nation, but if they did not carry such items, they may not have returned. Among the many things that they brought, they brought an abundance of reference books. They brought titles such as The Nautical Almanac and Astronomical Ephemeris, and Barton's Elements of Bontany. They brought books like these to identify plants and animals on their journey. They also needed to be able to navigate safely through the unknown west. They also brought other references like dictionaries, encyclopedias and latitude and longitude charts to help them on their journey. Without books like these, the two men would have been lost and near helpless in the great west.

Lewis and Clark also brought many remedies and things of medicinal value on their journey. They brought a variety of medicines to ensure their health on the journey. The remedies that they brought include, 50 dozen "Rush Pills", lancets, forceps, emetic, physic, diaphoretic etc. Rush pills are laxatives that helped with sickness. Emetic causes vomitting to rid the body of something poisonous. Diaphoretic is an agent that produces persperation. They needed all of these medicines to protect them in the event of getting sick or eating something bad.

Lewis and Clark also brought a lot of camp supplies with them on their journey. They brought tools such as cloth that would be sewn into tents for shelter. They brought chisels to put up the tent and to produce fire. They also brought handsaws, hatchets and whetstones to further help them with their shelter. They brought mosquito curtains to protect them from mosquito carried diseases. They brought fishing supplies to catch some underwater food. They also brought a lot of soap to keep clean on the journey. They even brought food items including salt and portable soup and a corn mill to make corn products. They brought an octant to guide their way. Paper and ink was also brought to keep an acurate log of their journey of the west.

Lewis and Clark also needed to bring amunition on their journey into the unknown. They brought rifles for both protection and for gathering food. They brought knives for the same reason. They brought rifle flints, bullets and a large supply of gunpowder to ensure saftey with loaded gun at all times. They were traveling into the unknown west with nothing to help them besides amunition and books on plants and animals. They must have had to be ready at a moments notice to protect themselves or to score some food for the day. As you can see, all of the various items that Lewis and Clark dragged along with them on their journey were important and absolutely nessecary. Without all of these items, their journey may not have been successful.

//Lewis's Packing List//

Lewis also brought his dog. His dog helped him find plants and animals along the way.

Lewis`s dog, Seaman that he brought on the journey west.

They were given horses from local indains to cross the mountains. They gave the horses back to the indains after they made it across the mountains.

Also they were given a native speaker, to be a guide for them.
Her name was sacagawea.

They had to travel over mountains with the horses they got from the local indains.


They also had to make canoes out of trees they found after they had made it over the mountain.