Jillian in Alton, Illinois at the Lewis and Clark winter fort on Wood River

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By Jillian, Tessa, Thomas, and Ethan

kayak-sm-1.jpgtb_caravan.jpgThe bear
If our group were told to make a packing list for a 21st Lewis and Clark Expedition, we would pack many things. So many good ideas come to mind but the thing is is that a lot of the things you would like to bring, you can't. It requires batteries or gas or some type of energy that would run out. There for, we really have to think about what we are packing. The following things are what our group of four would bring.

We would bring:
  • Shotgun-to kill anyone or anything that tries to harm us and for hunting
  • Bullets-extra bullets for the shotgun
  • Fishing Poles - to fish for food
  • Flotation vests - in case we drown
  • Medicine-in case someone gets sick and no doctors are nearby
  • Instruments tools- for marking places
  • Containers- to bring back plants and animals we want to study
  • Food-to survive and to eat
  • Water Purifier-when we pass a river we can get fresh water
  • Compass-to help us so we know we're going the right way
  • Paper-to write down any notes
  • Pens-to write on the paper
  • Knifes-to cut any objects needed cutting
  • Eating Accessories-to eat the food we have
  • Blankets-to keep body heat locked in
  • Extra clothes-so we don't have dirty clothes
  • cooking accessories-to make food
  • axe-cut down any trees in our way
  • canoe-to cross over rivers
  • RV with fuel supply-keep shelter through the trip
  • First Aid Kit-in case someone gets hurt
  • Chairs - to relax in
  • Lanterns - to light the way and the night
  • Fold up tables - to put important things on
  • Tents - to sleep in
  • Sleeping Bags - to keep warm and sleep in
  • Air mattresses - so we don't have to sleep on rough ground
In our first aid kit we would bring several things. We would bring various sized bandages, gauze, tape, tweezers, cold packs, rollar bandages, gauze pads, flashlight, antibiotics, pills, wipes, scissors, string and needle, anti venom, whistle, emergancy blanket, food and water. We would pack these things to make sure that we would have everything we would need in a first aid kit. If we didn't have all the things we needed, we could die or get sick or have a horrible infection. We would need everything in the first aid kit.

When we're in any cold weather:
  • Polar Fleece hat, wool cap and a wide-brimmed hat.
  • Polarized sunglasses.
  • Gloves or mittens.
  • Good rain gear.
  • A warm jacket even in July because of the mountain ranges
  • A pair of long underwear. These are essential in spring and fall
  • Bring a pillow and towels.
  • Socks. My feet are always cold. Polar fleece socks, wool socks, silk socks what ever it takes for warm feet.
  • Shorts or a swim suit.
  • Chest waders. Chest waders with a raincoat will keep you completely dry.
  • Bring a camera, binoculars, sun screen and insect repellent