Wiki Project - 8th Grade Band

Directions: As a group, choose a topic below and create a wiki. This wiki is your group’s online project! This will include text (4-5 paragraph summary about your topic), pictures, website links, and audio and/or video clips about your topic.


  • New species of plants and animals Lewis & Clark discovered.
  • Items and equipment that Lewis & Clark (the group) packed and its uses.
  • Music, songs and instruments that were a part of the expedition.
  • Planning an expedition in the 21st Century.


  • Students work together in groups of 4, which Mr. O. has pre-selected.
  • Each person is responsible for at least one part of the project
  • You will be graded on individual work, group work, and participation
  • The wiki must include:
    • 4-5 paragraph summary about your topic *IMPORTANT – you must cite your sources at the end of the summary (include the hyperlink)
    • Pictures/graphics (artifacts, drawings, etc.)
    • Hyperlinks to other sites that support your topic
    • Optional - Audio and/or video (see rubric)

Activity #2 PDF with More Information and Rubrics